Calculations. Automation.
Conduct Performance Reviews, track employee Engagement and Burnout and create your own surveys
What is TeamHeat?

TeamHeat is your assistant in assessing the state of the team - a service for surveying employees.

We try not to impose any approaches to working with people, so we offer you both ready-made surveys, compiled with the help of professional psychologists, and a flexible constructor for creating your own.
Create polls, automate a one-time or regular mailing, work with schedules that the service will build for you and share the results with colleagues or bosses. Accumulate insights and knowledge about the company and each of the employees - watch how your team becomes happier and more productive!
Keep track on necessary metrics
TeamHeat helps to:
Set your unique survey with metrics your team follows. Get it in one place.
Improve communication
Receive feedback
Better understand the unmet needs or receive positive reinforcement.
What's inside?
Ready-to-use surveys, made by professional corporate psychologists
TeamHeat calculates all the necessary parameters and corellations
Survey results are displayed via variety of clear and informative diagrams
Automate and speed up collecting information, focus on insights and implement positive changes.
Why should I use TeamHeat?

Helping companies to be better
Corporate culture is the main non-material motivational factor

  • Reduce turnover and recruiting expenses
  • Keep an eye on condition of your valuable colleagues to prolong their tenure
  • Happy and motivated people are much more engaged and productive at work
  • Observe the working conditions and employee engagement on a macro level
Cost of monthly subscription
For small companies with up to 50 employees
For middle-sized businesses, 50-100 employees
For companies with over 300 employees, pricing and other conditions are negotiable.
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