First-hand POSITIVE experience of the developed corporate culture.
We are TeamHeat
We have made a huge number of IT products for our clients. Among the industries we have worked for are medicine, education, resource management, government services, and even emergency simulator. We were part of dozens of development teams, each of which was unique - their roles, their traditions, their own approach to analysis and management. It is thanks to this experience we consider ourselves able to create a product that any team can integrate.
  • Alexander Gurov
    Founder/Product Owner
    Degree in Engineering, web development for startups and fortune-500 companies as part of outsourced teams, then creation of his own outstaffing agency. 
  • Alisa Novikova
    Product Manager
    Law and marketing degrees, then 3 years at a microloan provider, concluded by taking the said company to the top-5 in the entire country. Perhaps Alisa works in our company to clear her karma after promoting microloans, or maybe she wants to create another super-addictive product.
  • Sergey Vasiunin
    Back-end developer
    Mathematics degree, followed by few years in Las Vegas gaming industry, creating his own games and working on internal products for .wrk agency. Brutal and intellectual approach to work, like his favorite film director - Martin McDonagh.
  • Елена Рябинкина
    Front-end developer
    Linguistics degree 6 years in outstaffing company. 6 years of interface development, 6 years Elena is a hotbed of communication and one of the drivers of the company's cultural life. 6 pixel perfect years in soul and funk tunes.
  • Dmitri Kirichenko
    Major in physics is his education, and working as designer is his vocation: from portal sites of government organizations to startups like us. Dmitri is extremely strict with himself and those around him and does not treat design as a creative.occupation.
Why we made TeamHeat?
Our service will not impose any kind of ideology or approach to assessing the internal corporate processes.
First and foremost, TeamHeat is just a handy tool.
We get upset every time when a professional is judged by binary criteria like good/bad or with abstractions like Junior/Middle/Senior. We are not against business-friendly generalizations, but we believe that these generalizations often get in the way of seeing objective reality. We want to create a product that helps managers make smarter, more accurate data-driven decisions. And what's more - to give the opportunity to evaluate the unique aspects of your employees and colleagues.

We often saw how beginners and motivated employees were more effective workers than mature, experienced but burned out specialists. This is why the first thing we incorporated in TeamHeat were engagement surveys. To start a dialogue with your colleagues, it is best to begin with finding out what they are concerned about.

You don't have to be a HR specialist to use our service. The internet is full of useful articles on what to look for when taking surveys and how to interpret them. You can create polls on topics of interest to you, and we will fill the service with templates and try to cover all standard HR processes with them.

We are not going to stop at creating specialized surveys. Modern businesses need a lot of flexible metrics like employee competency test sets and skill formalization. This is the direction that we are going to develop our service in.
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